SOCIETAL also offers a consultancy service. We offer a friendly and flexible approach, with a value for money focus for the client.

By working proactively with our clients, we provide research, advice and solutions for a wide range of topics. We do this by drawing on our in-depth knowledge of both transport and social issues. 

With a wide breadth of knowledge and experience on our side, we can will deliver the best results possible. We are always keen to contribute and add social benefit when we can, while also being cost-effective.  

SOCIETAL hold extensive knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Social Object-Driven Transportation Models for Societal Good

  • Innovative ICT/ITS Networks for Public and Private Transport

  • Multi-Modal Logistics and Transportation (Air, Rail, Road and Sea)

  • Supply Chain Food Fraud, Integrity, Resilience and Waste

  • Public Transportation Networks (Including Automated Vehicle Technologies)

  • Reverse Logistics and Returns Management

  • Strategic Procurement Analysis and SCM Planning

  • Supply Chain Connected ITS.

  • Big Data Supply Chain Visibilty

  • Cyber Security and Resilience

  • Circular Economy and Dematerialisation

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can offer, feel free to contact us.